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Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime

Posted on May 3, 2012 at 9:15 PM

If there’s one thing I’ve realized throughout the last five and a half years is how important being supported and being supportive is. Everyone needs to feel encouraged by others around them in order to overcome the obstacles they face. Within the last couple weeks, I met with a survivor of a gunshot wound to the head, a survivor of a Hemorrhagic Stroke and old rehab buddies from Children’s Hospital.


I met a woman for lunch who was a victim of a gunshot wound to the brain, much like mine. Hers occurred in August 1998, eight years prior to mine. She contacted my family just days after I was injured to provide a source of hope. It was nice talking to someone who truly understands what I'm dealing with and perhaps is the only one who is actually aware of my struggles. I look to her as an example of just how far hard work and determination can take you. I have found, especially more recently that I need someone to look to who has been through a similar experience.


I then visited a gentleman who suffered a Hemorrhagic Stroke, in December of 2010. Impressively enough, even though he suffered his brain injury fairly recently, he is already back to his job, doing what he loves and believes in. This gentleman, being a man of God, prayed relentlessly for my survival and recovery when I needed it most. So when his secretary called a couple weeks after his stroke, asking if I would visit him and share some hope and inspiration, I was more than willing to return the favor. Hopefully, he was able to see firsthand what might be in store for his future and was given the boost of confidence needed to continue to recover. My only wish is that I’m half the inspiration to him as he is to me!


I attended the annual Children’s Hospital rehab prom where I ran into many of my old therapists, and fellow patients. These people provided me with the inspiration and support I needed to get through that tough part of my life. Additionally, I came across others with similar injuries to mine who I’ve visited these past few years in  hopes of offering them support. These people are such a big part of my life now, I consider them friends.


I want to thank each and every one of you for the strength and encouragement that we’ve shared. Not sure what we would do if we didn’t have each other to share our triumphs and struggles with. I want you to know that you all have been quite the inspiration to me. And we will continue to complete this journey together.

God is good . . . all the time!

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Reply Kathy
10:41 PM on May 15, 2012 
What a beautiful blog. I can't wait to share it with Father. You truly have been an inspiration to him. Thank you so much for sharing your positive outlook with others.
God bless you!,
Reply Jason Savage
3:06 PM on May 4, 2012 
You, dear, are the very definition of inspiration! I enjoy telling people of the most miraculous story that I know and it's the story of Rachel Barezinsky and her triumph over what was the most dire of circumstances. I'm grateful to know you and your beautiful family and can't thank you enough for the inspiration you have given (and continue to give) me and my family! Myself, Megan, Brian & Tommy send you our love and look forward to seeing you again soon! (Ask Drue bring you over to see the boys soon!) ;)
Reply Reebs
10:58 AM on May 4, 2012 
Rachel, ever since we were sure that you would pull through, I have thought to myself: "Rachel must share her story with others". You are able to lift others up--you show them what can be done if you only have determination and drive to help others--you show them the power of prayer--you show them what can be done even if everything looks bleak and grim--you are such an important person in the lives of so many people--some, like me, just your loving grandma, and some , like the folks you mentioned, who really need to hear your message of hope and faith and true grit. God has a special purpose for you and your life, and He is revealing Himself and His plan for you every day. I love you so much--Reebs
Reply Aunt Val
8:26 AM on May 4, 2012 
Please don't thank me ... you are my hero! I look up to you for encouragement when I'm feeling low. You have gotten me through many a difficult time. I love you more than words can say!! Keep your faith and remember your post ... "God is good .... all the time!"
Reply Aunt Carole
12:15 AM on May 4, 2012 
You are always an inspiration Rachel.....what a gift that you get to share it with others too :) Love you !